Our Services

DEN-AM is an independent service provider based in Luxembourg and regulated by the CSSF (Luxembourg prudential supervisory authority of the financial sector).

DEN-AM is specializing in third party management company services, fund governance, investment compliance and supervision of delegations.

DEN-AM provides a one-stop solution to promoters, asset or wealth managers and professional or institutional investors through a wide range of UCITS investment vehicles.

Supervision of Delegations and Administrative Services Providers

DEN-AM delegates some functions (investment management, central administration and transfer agent) to registered service providers and focus on overseeing the said delegated functions, carrying out a strict due diligence on each services providers which highlights that they meet legal requirements to provide their activities.

Investment Management

DEN-AM delegates its investment management function to regulated investment firms to act as investment manager. Among them, COFIBOL is trading financial securities and is dealing with a wide choice of primary market counterparties.

Client fund structuring and setup Assistance

DEN-AM helps in the setting up of new sub-funds within our umbrella funds (sub-fund could be mainly composed of securities, funds of funds, funds of hedge funds, dedicated or not). Managed by skilled people, DEN-AM’s has developed a strong experience and cost-effective process to set up any structure in few short steps. DEN-AM will support the client to create a Luxembourg ISIN vehicle until its domiciliation, obtaining his license and starting his deployment, regardless of its structure (UCITS). DEN-AM may also assist the client in the fund structuring process, reviewing or drafting all the legal documentation related to the fund such as prospectus and contracts, in collaboration with a legal adviser if required.

Risk Management & Investment Compliance

DEN-AM risk management services include the identification, measurement and management of the risks to which funds may be exposed, including global exposure either via commitment approach for non complex funds, global exposure via Value at Risk approach for complex funds. DEN-AM compliance services include the regular monitoring of a Fund's portfolio to ensure compliance with the investment policy and restrictions as stated in the prospectus.

Global Distributor

DEN-AM Global distribution services include the support for definition and maintenance of new agreements with distributors.

DEN-AM also provides some marketing support and help in the organization of roadshow under demand. DEN-AM helps actively in diffusing factsheets and marketing of the funds.